21013 NaNoWriMo Pitchapalooza Winners

It was an dreadfully difficult decision. Over 600 entries. Astounding pitches of every ilk. Just as in National Novel Writing Month, we consider everyone who submitted to be a winner. But we had to pick one. And readers had to pick one. So… (drumroll) our winner is:

Stacy McAnulty.  Her awesomely awesome pitch about a boy who hatches a dinosaur egg made our lizard brain hum and our caveman heart laugh. Congratulations!

stacy1 stacy







Our popular winner was Katie Nepiris, for her stunningly stunning pitch about a group of friends who undergo seismic changes in the year after high school. She got over 1,000 votes!image





FYI, we’re honored to be doing a Lights & Letters Webinar on May 14: The Art of the Edit: How to Revise Your Novel Successfully. It’s going to be a blast, we promise. Here’s what we’ll be covering:

        Starting off with a bang, Character arcs, Pacing, Building suspense, Opening & closing chapters, Avoiding repetition, Great titles, Knowing when to show and when to tell, Avoiding clichés, Keeping dialogue real, Checking for words you use over and over and over again, Reading aloud, Killing your babies, Finding beta readers, Getting objective,Using your pitch to perfect your plot.

The Book Doctors will also randomly select a number of first paragraphs from attendees’ manuscripts during the webinar to demonstrate what a professional edit would look like. Send your first paragraph in the body of the email to nanowrimo@thebookdoctors.com when you sign up.

And as always, any Wrimo who buys a copy of The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published gets a FREE 20 minute consultation with the Book Doctors. Just email proof of purchase to sterryhead@gmail.com.

Thanks to everyone for participating. See you next year. And keep on writing!