Fiona Kehoe

The Twilight Stone by Fiona Kehoe

For a normal human like May, having one of the mysterious fae for a boyfriend should really be more difficult than it is. Things in her life are pretty simple, up until the day another of the fae kidnaps him, dragging May into a magical world she doesn’t understand. When she meets the kidnapper face-to-face, he threatens to send her boyfriend’s head in a box if she doesn’t bring the Twilight Stone to him. As if that wasn’t enough, he then promises that her boyfriend won’t be the only loved one whose head she’ll find in a box on her doorstep if she fails.

May doesn’t react well to being threatened. She’d rather show the kidnapper the barrel of her revolver, but it seems the fae aren’t as impressed by bullets as most humans. She also has no idea what the Twilight Stone is, let alone where it is, and no one she talks to seems to know either.

Unfortunately, she isn’t the only one interested in the stone’s whereabouts. Just as she thinks she’s getting close, a strange group of fae appears, willing to kill her if it means keeping the Twilight Stone out of her hands. Her neighbor, a sidhe whose motivation for helping her is unclear, and a gnome who deals in both fae gems and information, are unlikely allies in the race to save her loved ones. With their help, May might finally locate the Twilight Stone. Or at the very least, save her loved ones.

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