Adele Blackler

Lost to Follow Up by Adele Blackler

Simone Reilly has perfected flying under the radar in her years as a lab technician at BioDesign. While she quietly did her work, she watched her ambitious co-workers ask too many questions of the chief technology officer, Henry Gutter, and be escorted to the door.  Now, her years of acquiescence have paid off. She receives a coveted promotion just as BioDesign is starting its first human trials, and has a lucrative buyout beckoning. 

Simone should be excited to manage the trial, and work with the brilliant Dr. Goddard, who implants the BioDesign brain stimulator in children with cerebral palsy. But her new boss seems to have a pill problem, the nurse who was her conduit for information vanishes, and patients and evidence keep disappearing. When a patient needs emergency surgery, Simone presses for an investigation into the device. But before the investigation can start, Simone’s boss dies under mysterious circumstances, and Simone begins to realize she can’t trust anyone.

Simone races to prove the device is failing before more sick kids are put on the operating table, but is faced with scared families, company lawyers and non-disclosure agreements, and threats against her own life. 

As answers elude Simone, one thing becomes clear. No life is sacred in this trial. 

Adele Blackler has a PhD in Pharmacology and works as a clinical trial manager for a medical device company. Lost To Follow Up is a medical mystery that examines who pays the ultimate price when human clinical trials go wrong.

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