Beautiful Testimonial for the Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published from a Writer

I have just been on your site and I am an owner and have read your book. I am about to go through it again and consider it my ‘bible’ for my new career. I have just turned 50 and decided it is about time I followed my passion of writing and stepping into the publishing world. Without the necessity of getting into the why’s and wherefores of how I ended up where I am, my wife and I have restarted life with a little second hand car, a computer and a frying pan and a determination to succeed in this new adventure of ours.  I am writing a book and have a few already lined up in my head which will come out as fast as I can type and in alignment with the plans we have laid out.  I really wanted to introduce myself at this early stage as I consider your book to have been the main reason I felt confident enough to step out of my prior life and into this game.

– Paul Sondergaard, Aspirant author and publisher