Beth Burnett

Revenge Prose by Beth Burnett

Revenge is a dish best served published, or so Crystal and Susan find out. Dumped by their significant others, Crystal, a stripper with a heart of, well, not exactly gold but certainly good intentions, and Susan, a happy homemaker and full-time supporter of her perpetual student husband, find themselves newly single and in a bit of a financial pickle. It’s Susan who bubbly suggests to practical Crystal that they start writing revenge prose – stories in which ugly, hairy men are killed in interesting and hilarious ways. Their stories go viral, thanks to the unsolicited help of Crystal’s new acquaintance and potential love interest, and the women find themselves reliving the past as exes try to sabotage their success. If Crystal can learn to trust and Susan can learn the power of saying no and together, they might build the foundation of a promising publishing future.

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