Book Doctors Book Report: Milking Goats, Army Dogs, & Rocking New England

Another Pitchapalooza Participant Lands a Book Deal!

Congratulations to Ann Ralph on the sale of her book, The Little Fruit Tree Book, to Storey publishing. Ann has one of the most memorable elevator pitches we’ve ever heard. Here it is: The Elements of Style for Fruit Trees.

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The Book Doctors Book Report: Milking Goats, Army Dogs, & Rocking New England


Radiant reds, opulent oranges, puffy pinks, burnt burgundies, and mellow yellows fill the trees, there’s a nip in the breeze, and as fall fades, old man winter slowly rolls his frozen bones into our hearts and homes.  Since we last checked in, we milked goats in Santa Cruz; had an Obama sighting in Martha’s Vineyard; partied in an antebellum mansion in Richmond, ate pineapple shrimp taquitos in Austin, Texas; got free lunches and books in Madison; and basked in spectacular Technicolor foliage in Lake Placid.

We heard pitches from judges, lawyers, a former topless musician, a special ed teacher, a 13-year-old and an octogenarian, slackers and hackers, pet vets and Army vets.  We heard pitches about menopausal dragons, catgut mythbusting, maniac murderers, New Age gurus, Austin boxing noir, cute kitties, dogs of war, an Australian graphic novel, soccer lunatics, rich girls, and bad dads.  We went to some of the greatest bookstores in the country, from Book Passage in Marin, to RJ Julia and Flying Pig (read owner Elizabeth Bluemle’s most excellent blog in Publishers Weekly) in New England, to Bookshop Santa Cruz, to Bunch of Grapes in Martha’s Vineyard. Not to mention great book festivals in Cape Cod, Texas, Baltimore, and Richmond.  We met so many generous and altogether awesome writers, booksellers, readers, mayors, dogs, and chickens.

We heard from our Kansas City Pitchapalooza winner Genn Albin (part 2part 3part 4) about her wild ride from unknown writer to published author with a juicy three-book, six-figure deal.  We interviewed our friend Sam Benjamin on the Huffington Post about how he got his memoir published.  We finally got ahold of the video of Helen Armstrong, our 15-year-old winner from Chester County, PA—it’s pretty astonishing if you haven’t seen it.  We were made honorary citizens of Santa Cruz.  We did two bi-coastal Pitchapaloozas in 24 hours.  We were interviewed on Rick Kleffel’s on Bookotron.  And here’s our very first Pitchapalooza Podcast, courtesy of Lori Culwell and Stephan Cox.

We are doing a Pitchapalooza Rocks New England Tour in November, then one last 2011 event at Book Revue in Huntington, Long Island—the first anniversary of our historic show there last year. In 2012, we already plan to go to New Orleans for the Tennessee Williams Festival, and it looks like a tour of Alaska and Hawaii are in the works.

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