The Book Doctors Become Honorary Citizens of Santa Cruz

We’ve been iced out in Kansas City, we’ve witnessed murder in Marin, we’ve weathered biblical storms in Chicago, we’ve been stranded in Dayton, but until July 28, 2011, we’d never been made honorary citizens. That all changed when the mayor of Santa Cruz rolled out the red carpet for us by presenting us with official certificates which proclaimed we are now proud citizens of sunny and psychedelic Santa Cruz.

At dinner, Mayor Ryan Coonerty, told us the fascinating history of Santa Cruz, which was transformed in the 60s from a conservative old money town to a hotbed of hippiedom by the arrival of UC Santa Cruz. Turns out the mayor is an author himself. His parents founded, and now his sister runs, Bookshop Santa Cruz, one of the great independents of our day. Here we are with Ryan at the bookstore.

The Mayor treated us to a fantastic Indian fusion meal. Then we bought lots ‘o socks at the sock shop across the street from the bookstore that has been a supporter of Arielle’s company, LittleMissMatched, from day one (and which she had never been to before). And we got a taste of real Santa Cruz as we were walking into the bookstore, when we saw a large fellow banging enthusiastically on his acoustic guitar while singing, “My Psychic Transgendered Hamster”.

To top off our Santa Cruz visit, a lovely previous Pitchapalooza participant invited us to Soquel, where she caretakes an exquisite gentleman’s farm replete with chickens, organic orchards and vegetables. One of the highlights of our entire Bay Area tour was to have our daughter, Olive, milk the beautiful brown goats who also lived on this amazing farm. Olive is 3 and ¾ years old!

We’re hoping this is the beginning of a trend, with many more honorary citizenships and invitations to exquisite organic farms around the country!