Cheryl Zaidan

The Blood Crazed Blonde from Lake Beyond by Cheryl Zaidan

It’s been almost two decades since B-movie actress Barbara Lynne starred in the cult classic Blood Crazed Blondes from Lake Beyond. And while she’s been able to make a steady living out of low-budget horror since then, Barbara knows her time is limited. After a few less than flattering reviews telling her, in essence, “It’s time to put your clothes back on lady”, Barbara decides to trade in the wackiness of L.A. for a more peaceful existence in the rural town of Revelation, Louisiana.

At first all is well in her new surroundings. But as Barbara soon finds out, that idyllic existence may not be so idyllic. That even the friendliest of towns can have a few demons lurking about. And that Barbara’s perfect new life sounds less and less peaceful and more like the plot of one of her films. For the first time, Barbara is truly frightened – an odd feeling for someone who spent most of her adult life naked, covered in blood and feigning fear. But armed only with a lifetime of bad horror movie knowledge can Barb save the town, and perhaps herself?


 The Book Doctors: LOVE this title! And this is such a cool idea for a story. Barbara Lynne just jumps off the page—I feel like I could point her out if she walked down the street. And I love the idea of her finally getting out of the seedy world of low-budget horror into some lovely environment only to find out it’s a real life horror story! The professional naked victim becomes a real life target for murder most foul. So fun and funny. And the construction of the pitch is spot on. But I need to know more about the machinations of the plot. Who are the bad guys? Or, at least, who do we suspect they are? What actually happens? Give us some scenes that send chills up and down our spines involving our heroine and some terrible peril. Give us some crazy twists and turns in the story. Give us a wacky cast of characters that we suspect of the foul play. And why does she go to Revelation? It would be good if she had some goal, something she’s trying to accomplish.