Clare Vaterlaus Bird

The Cost of Silence by Clare Vaterlaus Bird

“Moments like this define who you become. The full weight of Allen’s unwanted body on top of me. My vocal chords paralyzed with fear. Every move of his body pushed me closer to a vow of silence. No one would believe me. A star football player raping a nobody sounds so far from the truth. How could I convince the police, my mom, or friends? As I lie mute and numb on the ground, I decide the only solution would be to take things into my own hands. This would never happen to anyone else. Tonight, would be the beginning of the end – not for me, but for Allen.”

Recovering from the scariest night of her life, Charlotte spends the next few months of her junior year playing golf, binging Gilmore Girls, and plotting a fool-proof plan to murder her rapist. Everything seems to be falling into place until her younger sister starts dating Allen. Charlotte knows Allen is a ticking time bomb and she is racing against the clock before he hurts the person closest to her, will she choose to protect her or follow through with her plan?

The “Cost of Silence” is a cautionary tale of remaining silent, where boundaries of right and wrong are tested, and bonds of sisterly love are formed and broken. Shame and fear are now the catalyst in Charlotte’s life, how long can Allen keep her silent?

This YA Contemporary Fiction Novel discusses society’s biggest secret, rape and its repercussions.

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