Crystal Chilcott

Meteor Showers by Crystal Chilcott 

Moving every year or two is hard on teenagers under normal circumstances, but doubly so when each move means adjusting to a new culture and country. For a figure skating Olympic hopeful, getting the proper training is nearly impossible.  When Santiago moves to train full-time at an Olympic Training Center site, he knows his life will change drastically.  No longer will he live as a global nomad with his mom and an ever-growing number of half-siblings. For the first time, he will seek companionship beyond his family.  What he isn’t prepared for is a tragedy that challenges everything he thinks he knows about his family, faith, sport, and his place in the world.

His grief sends him on a quest to find the father he never met, a search for existential meaning in his life, and a relentless pursuit of a spot on the Olympic team. As he uncovers his mother’s secrets, he is aided by Athena, the world champion who lives next door and Shae-Lynn, his young secondary coach with a toddler and a big secret of her own.

A comparable title is I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak. The novel would appeal to teenagers with goals of their own, an interest in travel, or who are struggling to find their place in the world.

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