Daniel T. Moore

Godsblood: Book one of the Shatter Spire Symphony by Daniel T. Moore

The gods are dead. Change is coming on wings, heralded by three women:

The girl of fire and sunshine will become the ache in the heart of the world; will weep a trail of tears which burst into blooms of flame for a sister that could not be saved; will hunt through the streets of a shadowed city for a father and a brother, to save one and kill the other; will stand on a grave marked with no stone and look out on a world of her own making. But she is young yet.

The surgeon of Artisan’s Alley, whose criminal enterprise is built for the triumph of the poor over the tyranny of the rich; who breaks the knees of nobles unable to meet the terms of their loans, and turns over the profits to the sick and the poor; who, for love, will find herself elsewhere entirely.

The gunslinger is the restless daughter of a man murdered by his best friend. A woman out of love with her life, out of love with her man, and on a collision course with those who put her father in an early grave.

GODSBLOOD is a 140 000+ word PG-13 story that won’t stand still.  It’s an epic sci-fantasy about three young black women ages nine, twenty-seven and thirty-four.

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