Dominique Jolly

The Exchange by Dominique Jolly

 Hunting Valley Middle School is cursed. Every 7th grader is doomed to trade in their personality for their exact opposite. Teacher’s pets are smoking. Outgoing kids have stage fright. And best friends, Fiona and Zara, are thrust into a world of exclusive parties and boys. While Fiona can barely speak to her crush, Zara is thriving. The more Zara cancels plans and forgets to coordinate outfits, the more Fiona fears that she’s destined for a human recycling bin. Fiona decides that the only way to save their friendship from The Exchange is to sabotage Zara’s popularity. Sometimes to be the hero, you have to play the bad guy.

Lizzie McGuire meets The Clique in this 32,766 word middle grade fiction about growing up and sometimes growing apart.

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