Éowyn Power

Serenity’s Fire: The Story of A Mandalorian Legend by Éowyn Power


Syrynyty ‘Ryn’ Gristine tentatively considers herself one. But she was rejected from the creed when she tried to run away from her own destiny. 

When she tried to be a coward.

After her attempted escape from her own planet, she was exiled. Forever. 

Mandalorians do not run, they told her. Especially from themselves. They stand firm, and fight until every last ounce of strength is exhausted.

Bounty hunter.

That’s all Ryn is now. Out of guilt, she picked up the Mandalorian customs again, hiding her face under a helmet that she is never supposed to take off in front of a living being, and carrying Mandalorian weapons that she purchased in the black market. 

She lives as the Mandalorian she might never be.


Ryn becomes a friend to someone for the first time when she meets a former stormtrooper named Nate. Relieved to finally confide in someone after years of brutal loneliness, Nate’s kindness and candor win her over, and Ryn’s gritty warrior’s heart is softened by love.


Soon, Ryn is given the hardest mission she has ever received. Orders to assassinate the most dangerous murderer in the universe. A killer who has ravaged whole civilizations, leaving wildfires of destruction in the wake of her rabid rage for power. 

Will Ryn prove herself to the Mandalorians and become one of them once again?

Will she shatter under the burden bearing down on her shoulders, threatening to crush her?

Or will she give everything up… for love?

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