Erin Roll

Wind Dancer by Erin Roll 

A race and an air show for up-and-coming young aerialists and airship builders. It was just the sort of news that sixteen-year-old aspiring pilot Emily Halloran had been waiting all her life for.

Growing up in early twentieth-century Belfast – a city that prides itself on building ships of the air as well as ships of the sea – Emily longs to join the ranks of the world’s greatest pilots and airship designers. She has already designed and built her first aircraft, a small two-seater called Wind Dancer.

When Emily sees the notice in the newspaper about the competition in England, she knows that she has to enter. It would mean a chance to make a name for herself; besides, with Belfast increasingly threatened by civil unrest, lost jobs and war in Europe, Emily’s family needs something to hope for.

So Emily and her sister (and co-pilot), Katie, take Wind Dancer and join the other boys and girls flying their way to a chance at glory.

As they make their way through the semi-finals, Emily and Katie see first-hand that the competition is fierce, and that the odds are decidedly against them. What good can a homemade, built-from-spare-parts airship like Wind Dancer be against the professionally-built airships that some of the other contestants are flying?

It also becomes clear that someone is playing a dangerous game with the contestants’ lives.

Will Emily, Katie and Wind Dancer triumph?

Set in an alternate-history Ireland and England, Wind Dancer is a high-flying, thrilling steampunk adventure.

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