Evergreen Lee

The Secrets of Tengu by Evergreen Lee

THE SECRETS OF TENGU, complete at 105,000 words, is Spinning Silver meets The Kiss Quotient. 

Lisa is an autistic college student with a twenty-year plan and a determination to prove her birth parents wrong: that she is worth something. She’s also a witch, despite being too logical to believe in magic, and occasionally casts spells without knowing it. 

When Lisa heals a bird, her magic attracts the attention of two Tengu, a race of supernatural avian-humanoids. The Tengu are drawn to her adoptive sister, Kestrel, and realize that Kestrel is one of them. Tengu Dorian uses Glamour to force Kestrel through a dangerous transformation ritual, then whisks her away.

Lisa gives up the life she’s rebuilt and begs Tengu Erik to bring her to his world. Once there, she must learn to use her magical powers, avoid falling in love with Erik, and determine if Kestrel even wants to be rescued. Can Lisa prove her worth in a world where any human is considered expendable?

This is an #OwnVoices story in that Lisa has a form of Asperger’s based on my own.

My short fiction has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Factor Four, and has been translated into Vietnamese for SFVN. I am a member of SFWA, Codex, and Treasurer/Board Member for Dream Foundry (a nonprofit aimed at assisting newbie speculative writers and artists).

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