Georgiana Derwent

Northern Souls by Georgiana Derwent

Sadie Sadler lives in London. Practices human rights law. Drinks fair trade coffee, reads the Guardian, and never, ever burns her enemies alive using just the power of her mind. She’s totally grown out of that sort of thing.

Sadie’s relatives have used their dark magic to control the Yorkshire town of Mannith for centuries. But now, Sadie’s brother, Brendan, is on trial for murder, and Gabe Miller, the charismatic and sinister head of the Sadlers’ only rivals, is preparing to destroy her family. Only Sadie combines both the legal skills to defend an unwinnable case and the magical strength to face down their enemy’s spells.

The trouble is, there’s a good reason Sadie left Mannith and turned her back on magic: she sold her soul to Gabe Miller to save her damn brother the last time Brendan got himself into trouble. If she returns and takes the case, he’ll try to collect. But there’s no way she’s going to allow her brother to rot in jail or the Sadlers’ power to wane.

Sadie’s determination to forge her own path and stick to her principles is pushed to the limit as her family drag her back into their world of magic, violence, and power. And as she fights Gabe with spells and statute books, battling both her long-standing terror of him and her growing, twisted attraction, Sadie must decide who Mannith’s real villains are and how far she’ll go for her family.

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