Gregory Caplan

Incriminated by Gregory Caplan 

Bolstered by the notion “confession is good for the soul,” I unburden my conscience in a charismatic & candid memoir about the real justice system titled, Incriminated. A 65,300 word draft is written.

I grew up in middle-class suburbs during the mid-1970s through early 1980s. My conception of justice consisted of elementary, yet misguided, premises: 1. prosecutor = good guy; 2. defense attorney = bad guy. Despite tangential concerns about systematic shortcomings, I believed justice universally prevailed. I became a prosecutor and energetically delivered “justice.” My confidence about earlier suppositions gradually faltered. I was then immersed in a shadowy world of politics & bureaucratic infirmities. I experienced a metamorphosis, and ventured across the proverbial boundary of good & evil, from high & mighty prosecutor to rabble-rousing defense attorney.

I partook in courthouse capers & unsanctioned governmental escapades. Luckily, I preserved copious notes. This “evidence” reveals substantiation for my tumultuous conversion and subsequent reintegration.

Incriminated “serves up” a candid & humorous rendering of justice with conviction in a spirit akin to workplace memoirs such as The Job and A Thousand Naked Strangers. Incriminated welcomes readers to examine quandaries of justice professionals which are overcome through indispensable moments of humor.

I worked nine years as a prosecutor & 10+ years in private practice. I manage a diverse marketing & social media platform, publish a criminal law magazine, & provide guest analysis for KNBC & KABC, EW, & LA Daily News.

Thank you for your consideration of Incriminated.

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