H.M. Shander

Audrina’s Moments by H.M. Shander

Audrina may be a witch to her co-workers, but at home she’s somebody’s hero. Since her mother’s death a few months back, she’s become her twenty-two-year old brother’s legal guardian. Michael suffers from muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy, and while her home suited her, it’s not for someone with disabilities. With his comfort in mind, she sets out to hire the perfect person to make the required changes.

Chad is the well-researched carpenter for hire. Rugged yet endearing, he agrees to rebuild the deck on one condition–that Audrina help. As the renovations get underway, Chad charms Audrina by having Michael assist, slowly winning her over by treating Michael like a real person. She relishes in these moments with Chad and finds her hardened heart softening.

As many magical moments as Audrina shares with Chad, beyond the renovations, she knows it’ll never work out. Her heart and energy belong to Michael and his well-being, and despite what Chad thinks is best for her, there’s really no time for frolicking. The more he pushes her to live a little, the harder she fights against him. When Michael’s health rapidly declines, she shuts out everyone; Chad included.

However, it forces her to see the depth of her loneliness. Maybe Chad really was the perfect person to make the changes… in her. Is it too late to tell him? Or did she push him away forever?

Audrina’s Moments is a 67,000 word contemporary romance novel set in my hometown of Edmonton, AB.

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