Hollie Smurthwaite

The Color of Trauma by Hollie Smurthwaite

THE COLOR OF TRAUMA, a supernatural suspense novel, is complete at 99,000 words. The book will appeal to readers who enjoy the style and voice of ELEANOR OLIPHANT IS COMPLETELY FINE and the pacing and genre combining of Kelley Armstrong.

Kiera Brayleigh is a professional memory reader. Experiencing people’s traumatic memories makes normality impossible, but she’s hoping for functional. Or maybe normal adjacent.

Dean Matthson, a Chicago homicide detective, is troubled by his talent for understanding the worst of humanity. But he doesn’t have time for introspection; he’s hunting a serial killer. At a dead end, he attempts to recruit a memory reader.

Kiera can’t believe what Dean is asking. Only an idiot would peek into a coma patient’s vicious assault memory. Kiera, it turns out, is an idiot. But Dean doesn’t see her that way. Breaking down their boundaries, Kiera and Dean find themselves in an intense affair, but neither is sure they are worthy of love. And both wonder how broken is too broken.

As the pair struggles, the killer discovers Kiera’s involvement, making it a race to find the killer before he finds Kiera.

I won the 2019 Soon to be Famous Illinois Author Manuscript Project contest with THE COLOR OF TRAUMA. I am a member of Off-Campus Writers’ Workshop (OCWW), Sisters In Crime, and the Chicago Writer’s Association.

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