How to Title Your Book | Steps to a Brilliant Title

A great title and/or subtitle can land a book sale. Your title must make readers want to pick up your book, buy it, and read it. Play our Title Word Pool Game with your friends to find a brilliant title for your book.


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Titles can be metaphoric, clever, poetic, or silly. It doesn’t really matter how, but your title must make readers want to read your book. And for nonfiction, it must express clearly what your book is about. A subtitle can be just as important as a title.

0:22 A great title can sell a book, especially nonfiction. Arielle has sold a book based on the title alone. We give examples!

0:42 Introducing the Word Pool Game for finding your title

0:49 Step 1 – On a big board, write down every word you can think of related to your book.

1:10 Step 2 – Assemble a group of friends. Pro tip: get some literate and interesting friends.

1:30 Step 3 – Start mixing words to form titles that are new, catchy, and spark joy.

1:55 Step 4 – Take notes as you and your friends are throwing out titles. Think about main title and subtitle.

2:48 Step 5 – Narrow down to a short list of about six titles. Share those titles and ask for opinions. Have people rate the titles they like best. Try a poll on social media to see which title readers like best.

3:50 Rick Beyer thought his title was stupid. Arielle convinced him to share it, and that title — THE GREATEST STORIES NEVER TOLD — went on to be a mega-bestseller.


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