Jennifer Mannering

The Sky Shatters by Jennifer Mannering

I am seeking representation for THE SKY SHATTERS, an LGBT Young Adult romance novel, complete at 77,000 words. Award-winning author, Tim O’Brien called my novel “suspenseful and vividly written” and internationally bestselling author, Amy Stuart “loved the diversity of characters and the quick witted words and dialogue”. My novel will appeal to fans of Adam Silvera’s More Happy Than Not and Tommy Wallach’s We All Looked Up.

When the rain starts, it’s simply an annoyance. But then it doesn’t stop.

Seventeen-year-old sci-fi geek Simon Myers doesn’t know if the rumours of a global flood are true, but he does know that he’s not gay. He just happens to spend a lot of time studying the muscles of his childhood friend, star quarterback Jay Griffon. Unfortunately, things have been weird with his friend ever since Simon stumbled upon Jay’s heartbreaking secret. Now Simon is forced to grapple with his new feelings for Jay and watch from the sidelines as Jay starts dating the sharp-tongued beauty, Trish O’Brian.

The daughter of a heroin addict, Trish has never had an easy life. With her mother practically comatose and her father never home, Trish is the sole caregiver for her baby sister and often must resort to stealing to keep them fed. But Trish has a plan. She’s shimmied her way into Jay’s life in her tightest jeans and skimpiest top, and come hell or high water she’s going to use him and his rich-kid privilege to escape her chaotic home life and circling social worker.

As tensions between Trish, Simon and Jay escalate, so does the persistent ferocity of the rain. The complaints and jokes about the weather begin to morph into whispers of fear and acts of violence. Schools are closed. Shops are broken into. The electricity goes out. The water gets higher.

And a kiss changes everything.

I am an Event Coordinator at the Lavin Agency in Toronto, where I spend my days surrounded by books and interesting people. On rainy days you can find me reading under a blanket, drinking copious amounts of Earl Grey tea. My blanket fort is also located in Toronto.

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