Jessica Scott

Single White Witch by Jessica Scott

SINGLE WHITE WITCH SEEKING roommate for large Victorian home.  Must be willing to share with other tenants including an eccentric Shaman, a Human RPG-addicted insomniac and a brooding Werewolf. Respond if you’re an open-minded individual who doesn’t shrink at the sight of blood, and would consider the possibility of testing unproven spells and hexes (rent negotiable).  Desirable area with privacy and a short walk to transit and Starbucks.


Three down, one to go.  Katelyn’s rent crisis is nearly resolved, but her day job looks bleak.  A fledgling Witch with a lone (albeit rare) skill set, standing out at the Agency is a daily struggle. The organization is humming with talent, bursting at the seams with monsters, muscles and magic.  Rungs are materializing above her on the career ladder and it’s only a matter of time before she’s reassigned to the desolate South with corrupt HR and terrible coffee.

Now the Agency must unite for an enemy they’ve never encountered.  She’s trying to focus, but her gifted best friend gets scapegoated for a botched job, the Shaman is channeling Marilyn Monroe at awkward moments, and the Coven is hunting for something she can’t surrender.  Suddenly the Vegan vs. Werewolf conflict at home seems trivial.

This Urban Fantasy is reminiscent of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files and Kim Harrison’s Hallows Series.  The resilient protagonist is a mix of Stephanie Plum and your typical witch next door, trying to make her mark in a ruthless world with perseverance, attitude and spunk.


The Book Doctors:

We absolutely love the way this pitch begins.  It tells us so much using a device we are very familiar with in a cool new way.  The personal ad looking for a roommate.  It’s great.  When this pitch is specific, it’s fantastic, and when it gets general it loses us.  For example, you tell us that our heroine has a rare skill set, but you don’t give me enough of a clue as to what it is.  It’s a fine line, knowing what to reveal and what to conceal.  But here we feel like too much is concealed.  We want to know what’s cool and unique about her and her skills. But we really love the voice of this pitch.  “Corrupt HR and terrible coffee”.  The wonderful juxtaposition of unexpected ideas next to each other.  “The Shaman is channeling Marilyn Monroe at awkward moments”.  It’s really fun and funny.  We would like to know more about the villainous evil and what specifically will be the results if the villains win.  We can’t really visualize what “monsters, muscles and magic” are.  Make each thing specific and unique to this story.  We absolutely love that last line.  It’s really funny and great.  And finally, just when we were thinking it was never going to happen, we got a couple of real, genuine, comparable titles.  Well done!