Judy L Mohr


ER doctor by day, assassin by night. It’s a cushy job until you get the assignment of your life.

It’s another job done as Alexa gets up from the bed of the man she just killed, but when her mark turns out to be the sixth employee of a genetics research firm to die in three months, Alexa becomes determined to learn the secrets that truly exist in THE EAGLE ORDER—an elite group of assassins selectively bred for the purpose. With rituals and traditions that can kill, assuming you survived to adulthood, and the bodies of pregnant women being disposed of in a volcanic sinkhole, things need to change.

But the head of THE EAGLE ORDER has disappeared, believed to have gone rogue. If Alexa wants answers, and her freedom, she must accept what might well be her last mission: to hunt down the rogue and bring her in dead or alive. There’s only one problem: the rogue taught Alexa everything she knows about being an Eagle. The rogue is her mother.

THE EAGLE ORDER is an adult thriller, with light science fiction elements, complete at 96,000 words. If Max of Dark Angel fame was to become the next Red Sparrow, the steps she would take to claim her freedom and protect the ones she loves would be incalculable.

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