Karen Pepin

Racing the Suns by Karen Pepin
“Walk or die. That is what we are taught.” Survival depends upon the clans’ ability to travel constantly, heading North to avoid the scorching heat of summer and then South to escape the deadly cold of winter, always following the herds.


In this coming-of-age story, sixteen-year old Ani must face her fears of an uncertain life while finding her place as an adult in the clan.  When she falls into a ravine, breaking her leg, the clan laws demand that they leave her behind. But, Ani vows to return to her people and the man she loves.  Things go from bad to worse when she fails to cross the Great Divide and finds herself trapped in the Northern Lands with no escape from the lethal coming winter. In her desperate struggle to survive, she uncovers hints about her people’s past which will make her question everything she believes to be true, even her faith in the Gods themselves.


Racing the Suns is the first installment of a young adult, science fiction series that delves into survival and the human spirit, as well as deals with deep, personal crisis when the protagonist’s view of the world and her faith is profoundly tested.


I received my Masters of English in 2006, but have been writing as a hobby for over two decades. Through writing, I explore universal truths and the inner personal conflict born from fear.

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