Lally Pia

Doctor of Doctors by Lally Pia

With a chisel and scalpel I can remove a human head within forty seconds. Three years into my practice of this macabre craft I checked out of this dead end job, applied to medical school, and became a psychiatrist. The heads I work with now talk back to me–––a mixed blessing, at times…  

My memoir, “Doctor of doctors” is a 90,000-word cultural adventure through four continents. It follows the path of an immigrant whose journey is besieged with setbacks. A bungled U.S. green card application separated me from my family. When medical school closed due to political turmoil, the timing could not have been worse. I was forced to leave Ghana and placed in limbo for two years. Later, single motherhood sent me on a sojourn into the depths of the welfare system. This far from rosy start to my life as a naturalized American citizen made me highly skeptical of the prophecy of a Sri Lankan fortune teller, who told my dad that I would become a physician one day.

I hope to inspire other young adults who have wanted to give up when life gets dark. Over 20,000 people online have already viewed my interview of a day in the life of a psychiatrist, and I believe they will be motivated and entertained by the path that led me there. It will also hopefully blast a hole into the concept that our country needs yet another wall.

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