Leann Daniel

The Anger Album by Leann Daniel 

Seventeen-year-old songwriter, Andie Lund, has spent a good deal of her life engaging in face time with a variety of anger management therapists. So when it seems Andie has met her match with Dr. Jay Dickson, she makes it a personal challenge to contest everything he says or does. That is until she’s forced to join sides with the shrink or risk her entire career falling through.

Andie’s band has a distribution deal lined up with Strange Angels Entertainment in Los Angeles, if they can write and record an entire album in a month’s time. To get her father to agree on letting her pursue this opportunity before she’s eighteen, Andie must first strike a deal with her therapist stating that she will retire her iron fists and produce an effective anger journal so she might win her freedom from the shackles of therapy. But when the root source of all her anger begins to unveil itself in the form of an unexpected classmate, Andie must try and cope with these new truths without losing her temper, her career, or (most importantly) herself.

THE ANGER ALBUM is a 96,000-word literary young adult novel told alongside Andie’s lyrics from each song written throughout the story. It will perhaps appeal to readers of Jesse Andrews and Tara Kelly, and anyone who appreciates a taste for music and a bit of humor as well.

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