LJ Farrow

West by  LJ Farrow

Weston wears low-top Converse sneakers, loves Fall Out Boy and Muse, and never met an Oreo Blizzard he didn’t like.  He never lets these idiosyncrasies get in the way of his day job as an exorcist.

And whenever he looks in the mirror, he sees the Devil looking back.

For Father Weston is no ordinary priest.  He is the half-demon child of a revivalist minister corrupted by the Morningstar, a diabolical being and the architect of all that is evil in the world.  Weston’s ability to attract demons is useful to the Catholic Church. Will it also provide a pathway for the Morningstar to carry out the ultimate destruction?

From a trailer park in the bayou of Louisiana to the libraries of the Vatican, Weston endures the knowledge of his own profane inheritance while struggling to overcome it.  It is never clear which battle is worse, the one against the demons within himself or the one against those that occupy the innocent. Weston’s future seems predestined. But is it? 

In this genre-bending story that blends fantasy and dark fairytale, Constantine meets Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in an apocalyptic metaphor about what it means to be human, and the enduring power of redemption.

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