Margarita Maldonado

Love Boy by Margarita Maldonado

Barely a month after her twelve year old shi tzu, Rocky, dies from cancer, a still grieving Janet Flores learns that her employer of the last seven years, the local newspaper, is cancelling her bi-monthly garden column, In the garden with Flores. That same week, Janet’s grown son, Liam, a recently graduated computational mathematician, announces he’s off to the Arctic to study climate change and Janet’s older sister informs her that their father is exhibiting signs of dementia.

In desperate need to exert some control over something in her life, Janet decides to start a big new garden project at home, but winds up throwing her back out in the process. When new neighbors move in next door with a dog they leave tied up in the yard 24/7, a recuperating Janet befriends him, calling him Love Boy whenever she speaks to him through the fence; in part because she’s never heard the new neighbors address him at all beyond telling him to, Shut up!

Increasingly worried about the approaching summer heat, Janet decides she’s going to try and help Love Boy get free of his tether, but both the neighbors and events conspire against Janet forcing her to determine just how far she’s willing to go to try and create change and whether one person ever really can make a difference or not.

Based in part on true events that are still unfolding.

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