Marilynn Rockelman

Madam Mayhem by Marilynn Rockelman

What do a decoy prostitute, bank robber’s wife, swinger, Madam Mayhem and police dispatcher have in common?


The steamy underbelly of Salt Lake City, in the gasp-and-drop-dead years of the 70s and 80s is the backdrop for my memoir. In my various public personas, I got the inside scoop on Congressman Alan Howe, Ted Bundy, and Gary Gilmore. Working with the masculinized Salt Lake City Police Department, I arrested johns and sometimes the women they victimized. I heard first-hand when the Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) got the revelation that righteous “men of color” could hold the Priesthood. I suffered, as did all first responders, in the aftermath of the Do-Drop-Inn. I learned about bottomless popcorn and what a Mormon Temple Recommend was really for.

In my personal life, I struggled with being adopted. Dirty little secrets crawled beneath my skin, and like Madam Mayhem, my live spun out of control. My first marriage, to a squeaky-clean Mormon Missionary police officer, ended in a nightmare when I discovered he wanted to use me as trading material in his swingers group. My second husband was a convicted bank robber.

Through it all, I discovered truths about myself—truths that took me into the depths of my soul, to the arms of Jesus and the depths of hell. Secrets uncovered became secrets forgiven.

Come with me on the wild and wacky ride of my life.

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