Moe Shalabi

The Prince of Little Palestine by Moe Shalabi

Adam Husayni is going home. Ten years ago, his fundamentalist father found him with another man and nearly killed him, sending him fleeing the Virginia suburb of Little Palestine where he was raised. Now, following the news of his father’s death, Adam returns to reclaim his inheritance and possibly even his place in the tumultuous and traditional Palestinian-American community. But his father’s will comes with a catch: to inherit his fortune, he must not only marry a woman but one of his Uncle Saleh’s choosing. Adam finds himself broke, helpless and defeated. But when he begins to unravel the truth, which materializes in the form of letters, photographs, and tales sent to him by a mysterious figure, he uncovers a conspiracy spearheaded by his very own uncle. Something sinister is brewing in Little Palestine and someone is trying to warn him of an impending doom that could tear the community apart. With the help of his cousin Farrah, and the clues he acquires, Adam discovers that he is at the center of a rebellion simmering amid Little Palestine for years, within the Husayni family, and without. Uncle Saleh, the catalyst who is driving this rebellion, wants an Islamic awakening that threatens the nearby Jewish neighbors so as to distract his people, including his nephew, from fulfilling his plan to become the new ruler of Little Palestine. Only Adam can stop him. But uncle Saleh is hiding a dangerous secret…and it could destroy Adam.

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