N.L. Nelson

Life is Like A Free Throw by N.L. Nelson 

“Someone just killed my sistah!”  The year is 2004, and fear fills the back alleys and parks of Washington DC.  Night clubs close and children go in hiding.  Rumors surface that the organization Blue is behind the rebuilding of Shade.  And just when girlz finally find a good man, the road house boyz rise again.

Banker by day, baller by night.  31 year old, Treshawn D. Brown has only one goal; to get back on the basketball court and represent the Minnesota Timberwolves.  With the help of his friends, club bouncer Derek Walker and auto mechanic Xavier Rush he may get a second chance, to fix a costly mistake that sidelined his career two years ago.

If he can just hide his 2 year relationship with his flamboyant lover Spencer Johnson, avoid his nemesis Anthony Singletary, and reveal the cryptic messages of Men of Twilight, then certainly he can get one more shot at the pro circuit.

LIFE IS LIKE A FREE THROW is the first novel by author N.L. Nelson.  This journey explores men who love basketball, other men, and a good back alley brawl.  Anyone who has a dream, will want to follow the exploits of Treshawn and his boyees as they try to follow their destiny, get their man, and make DC proud.

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