Pauline Chow


Modern life collides with spirits from the 1860’s western frontier, when a dormant evil awakens during an investigation into a family’s past, in this contemporary ghost story with a historical western twist.

Freya discovers that her ancestors’ immigration story is a mystery that she must solve. Over two generations ago, Freya’s relatives, the Locke sisters arrived in the United States during the California Gold Rush in search of freedom and opportunity. Their lives however, are changed by chance and discrimination they faced in the new world. As Freya digs into her family history, she connects with the spirits of the Locke sisters, just when she needs them the most. Freya, who is a new mother and estranged from her parents, finds deep meaning in the search for answers. She weaves through digital archives, antique books, and California ghost towns looking for clues. Freya’s metaphysical powers and connection with the sisters transports her to the boomtowns of the 1860s, like Bodie and Diamond Springs. In another time, she bears witness to death, murder, and frontier justice. The sisters’ stand against injustice entangle their bloodline with a depraved gang of outlaws. Now Freya must work with the spirits of her ancestors to save her daughter and husband from the wrath of the past.

SPIRITED TO THE WEST is JOY LUCK CLUB meets Stephen King’s BAG OF BONES with a splash of BLOOD MERIDIAN. Pauline Chow, the author, is Chinese American and a former lawyer and civil rights activist.

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