RJ Julia Pitchapalooza Pitchers & Pitches

Christine Noonan: Mystery: Skype session gone wrong, lobster, teachers, title: Today's Lesson is Murder

Judith Ward: Memoir: beaten wife force by judge to pay husband

Marsha Moreau: Memoir: family secrets and lies

Susan Israel: Memoir: 1930s Ivy League colleges and outcasts


Mark Donovan: Fiction: five-year-old dragged by mom to Italian-American women loansharks



Miriam Murphy: Essays: woman looks back on her 70 years, bear scat

Stephen Horner: How To: employment labor lawyer, employer-employee relations, From Hired through Fired


Rob Marchese: Murder Mystery in prep school

Clarence Jones: Fiction: foster kids, Munchausen, abuse and Triumph (author is an ex judge)

Memoir: Scarecrow: How to Win F

Kenton Robinson: Middle Grade Fiction: How I Correct My Were Vacation (WINNER!)

Susan Bergen: Memoir with recipes: the comedy and tragedy of opening a tearoom

George Torello: Memoir: a structural engineer in tragic roof collapse

Carol McCarthy: Memoir: mobsters, bookies and growing up in Providence

Maureen Hasely-Jones: Gardening: noted radio host we use yarns of her family’s history in gardening from 1648

Trish Maselli: Memoir: overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds, Small Steps Find Faith Again

Linda Latini: Picture Book: dad, kid and cancer, Snowballs Promises