Sample Tip Sheet

Like any craftsman, you have to have proper tools. In the book biz, one of the essential sales pieces is the tip sheet, which lets potential sales outlets know why your book is worth selling. A typical tip sheet includes your book’s title, a short pitch, any relevant models or comparison titles, blurbs/press, price and format. Make your own tip sheet and keep it with you always. You never know when a good sales opportunity will rear its beautiful head.

For More Information, see the Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published, “Chapter 10: Working With Your Publisher” and “Chapter 11: Publish Thyself.”

General Book Details

  • Book Format: hardover/trade paperback/mass market paperback/ebook
  • Price:
  • First Printing:
  • Ships:
  • Trim Size:
  • Pages:
  • Illustrations:
  • Foreign rights:
  • Category:
  • ISBN:
  • Keynote: (one sentence description of book)


Who is the target market for this book?

Sales Points

List the features and benefits of your book

  • Description
  • More details about the book.

About The Author


  • Tour:
  • Publicity/ Sales Promotion:


Please suggest at MINIMUM one title.

  • Title of Book, [ Publisher, Price, ISBN] Pub date, In Print Qty (if possible)