Siren Star

BloodLust:Armani by Siren Star

When Armani Foscari, sees the beautiful human, Karlea, walk through the doors of the private Manhattan vampire club alone, he thinks she is incredibly stupid, although she seems confident and brave. Any human that comes into the club without a vampire escort is fair game, she must want to die. Maybe he should feel bad for her because these monsters will tear her apart – too late her blood has already tempted him.

Claiming his prize before any others can, Armani compels her to leave with him, but it takes more effort than it should. Armani will derive his own twisted pleasure before draining her until her heart stops beating, but he will soon discover her dark desires and her recent past as a lover to a vampire; one that left because she was somehow too much to handle, and was why she was in the club that night, alone, to find him.

Intrigued, Armani must resist the urge to kill and keep her alive, determined to get her to give in to her desires, and be completely submissive to him. Together their chemistry is on fire, even as she resists him at every turn. Can he keep her human and get her to accept, what he wants to be, her new life?

An exquisite mix of the most popular vampire fiction and erotic romance –  BloodLust: Armani will tempt you, possess you, and leave you breathless.

Arielle & David: We love the idea of a human too hot for a vampire to handle. We get the feeling from the get-go that this human is going to outwit her suitor/slayer and we’re piqued to see just how she’s going to do it. And by the time we get to the end of the pitch, we’re convinced you’ve created one sexy romance between them. What can be improved? You are writing in a VERY crowded, and what is now considered dated category of the bookstore. For this reason, it is imperative to separate yourself from the crowd—to convince and agent/editor/reader that there’s a reason to pick up yet another vampire book. To write a vampire pitch in 2013 demands a plot so intriguing, characters so compelling, and a knowledge of the bookshelf so thorough that you force someone who wants to say, “no” to say, “okay, fine, I’ll read it!!!” To say that this is an “exquisite mix of the most popular vampire fiction and erotic romance” is not enough. First of all, those two genres have been married for a couple decades now. And it’s much better to show us it’s an exquisite mix than to tell us.