Keeping Austin Weird: The Book Doctors Take Pitchapalooza to the Texas Book Festival

Keep Austin Weird!  We kept seeing that slogan plastered everywhere: on clubs with Tex-Mex music blaring, on the sides of restaurants with Tex-Mex food wafting, on t-shirts sported by ancient shitkickers, dreaded-up post-hippies, and UT hook-’em-horns, Bevo loving students.  And it is weird.  In the best way. Where else could you be signing books across from Lisa Loeb, & the dude who wrote Go the F*ck to Sleep.  We ate amazing “Interior Mexican” tacos, we swam in a Texas sized fresh water pool, we saw protesters fighting the death penalty.

The festival itself, thanks to Clay Davis and his legion of tireless helpers, is one of the best in the country, nee the world. we heard awesome pitches by a 13 year old girl, a trashy thriller writer, a Pynchon disciple, a cat gut myth buster, an Austin boxing noirist, & our winner, special education teacher Aimee Teague, whose middle grade novel, Devin and His Shape-Shifting Sister, rocked the house hard.
Olive, our 4 year old, proclaimed that she loved Austin even more than Hollywood.  And she loves Hollywood. to see more pix go to: the book doctors page on facebook