Texas Book Festival Pitchapalooza Pitchers Pitches

Robert Rath: Historic Novel: Wild West


Arielle w/ 13 year old pitcher Caitlin Merrion

The Book Doctors w/ awesome panelists

The Book Doctors w/ winner Aimee Teague

Louise Stevens: Woman's Fiction: woman and family’s secrets and lies

Rob Bass: Short Stories: mysticism

Meg Cobb: Memoir: woman chases jazz hero Roland Kirk

Amiee Teague: Young Adult Fantasy: boy with a shape shifting sister (WINNER!)

Caitlin Merrion: Young Adult Novel: best friend gets captured (author is 13 years old)

Chad Tracy: Hard-boiled Fiction: Austin boxer noir

Caroline Stanley: How To: career, money, wardrobe, personal shopping expert

Alisha Gabriel: Middle Grade Non-Fiction: gruesome facts about musical instruments

David Morris Parson: Experimental Fiction: Dante’s Inferno meets Bozo the clown meets Terry Gilliam

Cindy Phillips: Trashy Mystery: southern sizzle

Paul Ehrlich: Historic Novel: 1940s France

Fran Samuelsson: YA Novel: girls, horses and Basques