Betwixt and Between reviews The Essential Guide To Getting Your Book Published

Released five years ago as Putting Your Passion Into Print, authors Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry helped writers brave the waters and move forward in their quest for publication. Updated under a new title and including timely information about the importance of social media and the larger role for the author makes The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published a go-to book for writers – those experienced and not-yet-published. As social media becomes our word-of-mouth for the book business, Eckstut and Sterry go over how websites, blogging and communities specific to your topic (plus Twitter and Facebook) can help you establish a market and fan base for your book. I found particularly useful the sections regarding the business side of publishing. This is not a book on how to write a novel nor nonfiction title but practical advice on what comes next, taking the idea or finished project to the next step: how to pitch your ideas, finding an agent, connecting to your audience, and into working with your future editor and publisher with a separate chapter on self-publishing.

Interviews with authors and publishing insiders make the book more insightful than a compilation of steps, however. The authors’ own experiences in the world of publishing lends a credibility to the Guide, giving the book a more personal touch than I’ve found with many other authors on these subjects. I recommend The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published as a practical addition to the serious writer’s personal library and will be using their advice in my own work as an author.