Nikki Dylan

Pop Shot by Nikki Dylan

Working with your twin sister isn’t ideal, especially when she’s a demanding starlet who challenges you at every step of the production process, but that isn’t really what bothers Johanna.  Astrid is one of the most sought after actresses in the porn industry and Johanna is a gifted director. The two own a studio, where Johanna runs the show and Astrid just shows up.  They work together, live together, and share everything…  None of this bothers the driven and practical Johanna.  What does bother her is that she’s in love with one of the actors and she doesn’t feel like sharing him with her sister.  Astrid loves working with Vaughn and their chemistry is off the charts on camera.  Especially when Johanna is the one holding the camera.  Vaughn and Johanna keep their relationship a secret until he wants more.  He wants a future with Johanna no matter what the consequences are.  Johanna fears losing the studio, her career, and her sister.  Will they risk it all just to stay together?  Can love exist in an industry that sells lust?

Pop Shot is the first book in what I envision as a series following both Johanna and Vaughn throughout the course of their relationship, then following up with novels featuring Astrid and Nick, the innocent production assistant that just graduated from film school.  The series will challenge views on monogamy, the adult film industry, and gender stereotypes.


The Book Doctors: Yet another story of sisters.  And twins no less!  Who doesn’t love twins?  It might be fun to save the fact that they are in the porn industry until a little later in the pitch.  So you set us up for one kind of story, then do the old switcheroo, pull the rug out from under us with some good old-fashioned American porn.  Actually, we have a friend who is a female adult film director, and this is a fascinating world.  And very different from what people think it is.  It’s a great idea to shed light on this much misunderstood industry, to humanize the people who inhabit it.  We can absolutely see a book series, and heck, we could totally see this on any of the rapidly proliferating cable TV providers who lust for saucy, eye-catching product.  This pitch needs to show us more word pictures from this world.  It might be cool to open with Johanna filming a scene with Astrid and Vaughn, to show us exactly how graphic this is going to be. Because the way you deal with sex and sexuality is going to absolutely determine what kind of publisher, agent, and ultimately reader is going to want to take this book to bed with them.  And again, comparable titles would be very helpful in this regard.  We would also like more about the nature of love and monogamy and gender stereotypes in this actual story, because we’re very interested in those topics, which you mentioned so nicely as you pitch the whole series.  But let’s see more of the particulars of how those ideas manifest in this book.  Because there won’t be a series, unless this book does really really really well. We feel like we don’t know these main characters well enough.  We haven’t engaged emotionally with them sufficiently.  That’s what will move this story beyond titillation, and into compelling literature.  And, we don’t see enough action to take us through the plot, how this love triangle is going to affect the choices that these people in this strange and fascinating profession make, for better and for worse.  Great setting for a love triangle, so many opportunities for penetrating insights into the human condition.  Needs more emotional depth, we need to see inside these characters better, and understand how the plot is going to unfold.


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