Emma Burns

Landslide by Emma Burns

The summer after high school graduation has ended and all of Annamarie’s friends have gone off to college, leaving her staring down a bleak future in her tiny Maine ski town, driving Appalachian Trail hikers to and from town and living under the thumb of her paranoid Mama. When Annamarie decides to take control of her life at last, she finds the daredevil snowboarder father she had always been told was dead. Unraveling the mystery of her family’s past opens up a whole world to Annamarie and leads her to make choices about her future that change her and her family forever.

LANDSLIDE is a 81,000 word young adult novel set in contemporary rural Maine, where the past is everywhere and the modern world sits uncomfortably nearby, where backwoods backpackers walk through town like ghosts and wealthy outsiders swoop in to ski and party, both groups tended by locals who are barely scraping by. The tensions between these groups drive this novel, as does the moment when every young person must decide which of the many worlds to choose.

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