Victoria Beck

Cookie Rookie by Victoria Beck

Middle Grade Novel

With more at stake than a gold Medal and against her mother’s wishes, 12-year-old Eloise Hansen risks everything to enter a Baking Competition. Her Mother is baffled and annoyed by her baking obsession and wonders why her daughter isn’t more like her. When her Mother makes plans for a fancy weekend getaway for Eloise to meet her new boyfriend, on the same day as the Competition, Eloise must find a way to sneak out of the festivities and keep her nerves together to bake her trademark championship Cranberry Cutie.

With the help of her savvy best friend she concocts a plan that will get her out of the nightmare starring her as the darling, dutiful daughter and propel her backstage with twelve grown up Finalists.

One of the Contestants has swapped recipes and ingredients with Eloise – hoping the rookie will crumble and he’ll emerge victorious. He hadn’t counted on the power of her Dad’s lucky red socks and Eloise’ new-found strength as a capital B Baker. In front of the entire 7th Grade, her Mother and the city of Santa Barbara, Eloise pits her baking know-how and the classic goodness of a straight-up chocolate chip cookie against the experience and determination of the best Bakers in California.

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