Stay Home. Stay Healthy. Keep Writing. | Working During COVID-19 pandemic


Times are hard. The Book Doctors share how to keep writing while you’re home during the COVID-19 pandemic. How are you handling changes due to coronavirus? Tell us in the comments.


0:05 Checking in with The Book Doctors during the COVID-19 pandemic

0:48 Our tips for working from homeĀ 

1:08 Use your commute time for projects you love, such as writing

1:36 How to use this time well and train your brain to focus on things you can control

2:46 Tips for using this time for your writing

3:32 Put your writing on your calendar so you’re more likely to do it

3:44 Get a writing buddy to hold you accountable for your goals

4:11 Read in your genre to figure out your comparative titles

4:42 Train your brain to be in the moment and stop destructive thoughts quickly

5:45 Switch your anxious thoughts to a productive focus on your book and create a plan

6:30 Learn how to raise the stakes in your writing by observing current events

6:45 Observe reactions to crisis and troubles, study the people around you and in the news, then use those observations to improve your fictional characters or memoir

7:58 Use your cooking time to think about what you’re writing

9:24 Support your local independent bookstore



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