Tara Erredge

Operation Polar Revenge by Tara Erredge

Ever since his conservationist parents were mauled to death by a polar bear, Andrew’s grief has frozen his heart into a block of arctic ice. Since that time he and his younger brother, Steven, have been raised by their feisty southern grandma, a.k.a.: The Great G. 

Both brothers traveled different paths as they navigated the agony of their loss –  and now seventeen-year-old Andrew is back up in the Churchill, Canada region under the guise of continuing the noble work of his parents through a high-school mentorship program. But while average high school juniors have been taking classes, scouting out colleges, and binge-watching the latest shows on Netflix, Andrew has been developing a dark plan to avenge the untimely death of his parents. 

When his first attempt at vengeance results in a narrow escape from an enraged polar bear, Andrew inadvertently lets news of his close call slip while on the phone with his family. Madder than a cat getting baptized, Andrew’s grandma stops everything and makes arrangements for her and Steven to join Andrew in Canada, unknowingly shattering Andrew’s secret plans. But Andrew isn’t the only one at the conservation center who has been conspiring to pull off something unscrupulous. Soon after his family arrives, they are all pulled into a dangerous set of circumstances that leaves them with little chance of survival in a ruthless environment surrounded by merciless criminals. In this Stuart Gibbs Spy School series meets National Geographic mash-up, will Andrew’s hardened heart thaw in time to save those he loves?  

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