Tara Liem

Alliance by Tara Liem

Leo can remember a time when his world was a little more accepting. Now he knows that he’ll be shot if he admits who he’s in love with.

As the intergalactic alliances that have held strong all his life fall apart, Leo knows that he needs to do something drastic. Will fighting a war bring the galaxies back together, or will it push the even farther apart? And as the ammunition rains on base 211, Leo understands that the war for the galaxy isn’t the only thing he’s fighting for. He is fighting for the right to love who he loves.

There are only a few things that could shake up Leo’s world past what’s already happened, and he’s been playing the waiting game for too long. He needs to take his future into his own hands and change the track of history. He needs to show the galaxies that being gay is not the same as being a failure.

*note: I am only 12 years old.

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