Vanessa Herrera

Night Blood chronicles: Guns are God’s gift to man

by Vanessa Herrera
Seventeen year old Mortis is Midnight’s only hope in defeating his father Thorne who’s a vampire; from enslaving the human race. Unfortunately for the town Mortis has decided not to help them because they have all ignored him, and hated him since the day he was born.

Mortis wants nothing more than to make Thorne suffer for what he did to his family; his younger brother who died by their father’s hands. Also taking his mother hostage and killing her years later.

He has agreed to deal with Thorne but if more threats keep on appearing, Mortis wouldn’t lift a finger to help. Along the way Mortis meets unlikely allies which includes, his childhood crush who thinks he’s gay, a vampire who wants to go to heaven, and a half-brother he never knew he had who currently has a crush on him.

Mortis will find out about the Halflings curse that prevents him from killing his father. As Mortis tries to find a solution to this problem; he’ll find out that sometimes the greatest struggle in life is trying to stay sane through it.

Not your typical vampire novel, infused with demons, witches, and a corrupted government.

Arielle: Where this pitch gets interesting to me is when Mortis meets his childhood crush who thinks he’s gay. That’s where you convince me that this is not your typical vampire novel! I also like the timeless father-son struggle. I’m confused by your subtitle (you don’t mention guns once)—I don’t think you need a subtitle at all. And I need more of a sense of plot.

David: The idea that this kid has to overcome his all-powerful father has universal appeal. And that the town is counting on him, after they have treated him poorly. But I’m confused in the first sentence of this pitch. And not in a good way. Midnight is the name of the town? And why has that whole town ignored our hero? I don’t really get a sense of who our hero is either. I too thought it was really funny that his childhood crush thinks he’s gay, and his half-brother has a crush on him. Otherwise it all seem very much like many many many many other vampire stories that I’ve seen. And believe me, we get pitched vampire stories every single day. In order for you to have a successful vampire story these days, you have to prove that it’s unique. You haven’t quite done that in this pitch. And what is a halfling? I also don’t get the subtitle. Where are the guns?