Viggy Parr Hampton

A Cold Night for Alligators by Viggy Parr Hampton

After getting passed over for a promotion yet again, Dr. Archibald Gruber, a seasoned epidemiologist with the CDC, is ready to do whatever it takes to earn what he deserves—even if it means putting himself in danger.

His opportunity to prove his worth arises when the CDC team dispatched to solve a mysterious outbreak in nearby Savannah comes back puzzled and empty-handed. Throwing his usual sense of risk aversion to the wayside, Gruber decides to go rogue and travel to Savannah to solve the outbreak himself.

When his investigation leads him to the sinister, long-abandoned theme park Gullywasher’s of Georgia, Dr. Gruber crosses paths with Sid and Zeb Barkov, a pair of YouTuber brothers intent on filming their exploration escapades inside the notoriously creepy park. Unfortunately for all three, a paranoid drug dealer has made the old park her center of operations, and she’s managed to awaken the unquiet, hungry forces that call the park home.

Inspired by the author’s real-life work as a botulism epidemiologist at the CDC, A Cold Night for Alligators is science-speckled horror debut that showcases the disastrous consequences that can arise when we mess with things we don’t understand.

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