Beyond their book, The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published, and the many personalized writing and editing services that The Book Doctors offer, Arielle and David have also recently begun leading webinars to share their publishing know-how anytime, anywhere.

Past webinars include:

The Art of the Book Pitch 

A great pitch can open so many doors for you. A terrible pitch pretty much assures that those doors will remain closed. In this webinar, The Book Doctors teach the art of the pitch and answer questions about pitching, publishing, writing, books, and maybe even the nature of the universe, mankind, womankind, life, love and death.

Plan Your Path to Publication in 2016

The Book Doctors will help you chart your route to publication. This nuts-and-bolts webinar will cover the Big 5 publishers, independent publishers, and self-publishing in order to help you decide which path is best for your book. They also discuss publishing timelines and specific tools to help you get successfully published.

Get Your Book Published

In this webinar, The Book Doctors, Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry, will talk about the cutting-edge information they needed to add to the third edition of The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published to help you get successfully published today.


And more will be coming soon!