Workshop Praise for The Book Doctors

Just a note to tell you that your wonderful seminar on putting your passion into print really paid off for me.  I got a contract for a book that will be launched on Labor Day, 2010.  It’s called The Custom-Fit Workplace, so you can look for it and know you had a part in it’s genesis. – Nanette Fondas

Thank you for a most informative, entertaining, and altogether fantastic workshop you gave at Stanford yesterday! My husband and I both really enjoyed it and learned a lot from it. I’ll be telling all my writer friends about you. – Cheryl Chow

Thank you so very much for investing your time, energy and passion in the encouragement of others! I am especially inspired by your partnership, which seems like the new model for Great Creative Doings In The World. Thank God for people like you! Also want to say, I have already started reading your book, Essential Guild to Getting Your Book Published, and am thoroughly enjoying it, love “the sound” of your voices and the quality of information shared. – Elizabeth Perlman

I was at your appearance at Mendham Books earlier today and was very inspired by you and your husband. For years I dreamed of being an author and all I ever heard was discouragement, never hope. But you and your husband were able to show me it’s not impossible to get a book published, and, more importantly, where to start. I want to thank you for giving me hope because I pretty much gave up on writing a few months ago due to my lack of guidance. Thank you so much. – Megan Frisch

Thank you for your feedback on my book pitch (Stop Whining, Start Speaking) at the Printers Row Lit Fest last week. It was great to get your feedback — I really enjoyed the experience of pitching.  – Marianna (Mare) Swallow

Thank you for sharing your brilliant and passionate words so that aspiring writers like me can feel evermore inspired! – Kara Allen

What an incredible presentation you gave.   It was one of those “Aha!” (and even “Gulp”) moments. –  Larry Greene

I really enjoyed the workshop today and found everything you and Arielle taught to be productive. I just love your energy and passion in helping writers like us. I would love to organize a workshop/event for you both. Thanks again for the wonderful workshop – Geraldine Solon

Thank you for an awesome class. Not only informative but FUN. I didn’t know I was going to get a comedy show for the price of a class on getting my book published. BONUS!! I love a good bonus.  – Sarah Kirby

You guys!!  Thank you for that phenomenal all-day session at Stanford a few weeks ago. Can’t thank you enough for providing the most energizing and invigorating forum for getting us all in touch with The Writer Within. –Wendy Abraham

More beneficial than leeches. Stimulating without anesthesia. More useful than bleeding. I have been at work incorporating your ideas from “Putting Your Passion Into Print” and from the seminar at Book Passage. With so much pabulum about writing and publishing in the marketplace, you are catalytic. Just the elixir I needed. Thanks.”
–Richard Kennedy

Merci, danke, merci bien, grazie, thank you, many thanks, much obliged,much appreciated, thank you kindly. I am back here in Redding at my computer, newly inspired and enthused, having you and Arielle’s wise, witty and empowering class under my belt.—Susan Terrell

Thanks for the informative and lively seminar at Stanford.  You really took us WAY down the learning curve.  After I went home, I completely revised my book outline which will lead ultimately, I believe, to a successful pitch.” –Dr. Nanette Fondas

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the workshop at Stanford yesterday. I had fun and learned a lot; a good combination. –Stephen Bates

I wanted to thank both you VERY much for the fabulous workshop at Miami Dade College! Your workshop was a very uplifting antidote for me rather than antidepressants.”–Ayn Patrick

The workshop with you and Arielle was something that I really needed to hear.  The two of you were real, inspiring, and most of all I could tell that you really got through to people.  Putting your Passion into Print was definitely needed, and your dedication to helping others overcome their own obstacles could possibly change many people’s lives, by giving them the courage to continue with their dream. Plus, you guys made it look like it was a blast to put together! —Irena Tervo

I really enjoyed Wednesday’s seminar with you and David. It was great to get two perspectives on the publishing process, and to be entertained as well.—Jessica Hilberman, Sunset Magazine

You and David were incredible (he’s hilarious!)…It was totally a dynamic and beautifully presented talk, which I’m sure was very helpful to everyone there. And your book is really really wonderful; I’ll definitely be recommending it to all my clients.–Donna Zerner, author and book doctor

I enjoyed your workshop this afternoon at Collin College in Plano, Texas.  Your method of presentation was engaging and informative, upbeat and entertaining.  Before I knew it, an entire hour had elapsed!  I’m sure everyone in attendance appreciated your expertise; I can’t wait to read your book. Thank you again; you and your presentation have energized me (and encouraged me) to push forward with our project! –Christy Tinsley-Ilfrey

I thought your presentation was wonderful, very well put together.  Utterly informative, fun, sincere, and non-threatening, a real invitation to people to enter a world which may seem very foreign and scary to them, the both of you are such a great team.  I have to say I’ve sat through a lot of readings and book promos and it was one of the best.  Bravo!” –Rose Marcario

I attended your PUTTING YOUR PASSION INTO PRINT workshop at Franklin and Marshall last year. Great event. Very helpful to would-be writers. I am a seasoned workshop attendee, and the program you and David conducted was really first rate.–Gale Martin, Director of Marketing and Communications, Greater Reading Literary Festival

I can’t thank you and David Henry enough for your book and your class ‘Putting your Passion into Print’ which is helping me immensely. You have literally changed my life. —Ana Jones

Thank you so much for the insightful, practical and encouraging seminar on Saturday. You were great. I came away with a new perspective on what it takes to bring a non-fiction book to print. Much more work than I imagined, but knowing I have many 
of the tools to get started.”—Avril Hodges

Thanks for the way you put your soul into the Stanford workshop today. You and Arielle have a fluid and rhythmic presentation style that radiates your love for each other, while letting your individual expertise shine through. —Dan Montgomery