Success Stories

Making your publishing dreams become a reality is what we are all about. Your successes are our successes.

Here are a few authors who’ve used The Essential Guide to get successfully published.

Ylonda Gault Caviness


Ylonda Gault Caviness-Success Story“There is no way I would have landed a book deal without these two brilliant industry pros and their insider knowledge! No resource on the publishing business is as information-packed and fun to read as The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published. Whether your plan is to sell eBooks, land a niche publisher or sign with one of the giants, you will laugh and learn as you master EVERYTHING from the big idea and writing the proposal to the agent search and marketing. To the letter, Eckstut and Sterry meticulously spell it out. This is not a mere guide. Eckstut and Sterry have — chapter and verse — written the Bible for would-be authors of every stripe and genre.”

Ylonda Gault Caviness, Child, Please: How Mama’s Old-School Lessons Helped Me Check Myself Before I Wrecked Myself

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JoAnneh Nagler

JoAnneh Nagler-Success Storyjoanneh-nagler-debt-free-spending-plan-success-story“If there was ever a team who can put a writer on track to get published it’s David and Arielle. Their advice is clear, direct, simple to implement, and best of all, it comes with a good dose of wit and humor. There is not a duo on the planet I can recommend more highly than David and Arielle. If you’re dying to get published you’ll want to hang on every word they put in print!”

JoAnneh Nagler, The Debt-Free Spending Plan: An Amazingly Simple Way to Take Control of Your Finances Once and for All


Roxanna Elden

Roxanna Elden-Success StoryRoxanna-Elden-SeeMeAfterClass-2ndEditionCover-Success-Story“When I first bought this book, all I had was an idea for a book and a few pages of notes. Eckstut and Sterry’s advice guided me through the process of crafting a proposal, finding the perfect agent for my book, and working productively with the editors and publicity people at my publishing house. My book, See Me After Class: Advice for Teachers by Teachers, came out in 2009 and it was one of the happiest days of my life. I cannot emphasize enough how well this book prepared me for the path to getting published.
It warns writers about inevitable ups and downs (even with the best advice in the world, bringing a book into the world is difficult) but it kept me from having to learn about the publishing world through frustrating trial and error. It also provided much-needed encouragement through some initial rejections. Now that my book is published (did I mention my book got published?) I’ve run into many people wanting to know how the whole thing works, and I always refer them to this book.”

Roxanna Elden, See Me After Class: Advice for Teachers by Teachers and Rudy’s New Human

Cathy Camper

Cathy Camper-Success Storycathy-camper-lowriders-in-space-success-story“I was lucky to get The Book Doctors help in person when I won Pitchapalooza. But you don’t have to win to get their help – it’s all in this invaluable book. It’s the first thing I recommend as a writer and librarian, when people ask me, ‘How do I get published?’”

Cathy Camper, Low Riders in Space



Ann Ralph

Ann Ralph-Success Storyann-ralph-grow-a-little-fruit-tree-success-story“Smart, funny, readable, thorough, and, indeed, essential, the advice in The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published gave my proposal its voice, got me to the right publisher, walked me through contract negotiations, talked me down during angst-ridden moments, and even helped me pick an outfit when I finalized the deal. This book made my book happen.”

Ann Ralph, Grow a Little Fruit Tree, Simple Pruning Techniques for Small-Space, Easy-Harvest Fruit Trees


Melissa Cistaro

Melissa Cistaro-Success Storymelissa-cistaro-pieces-of-my-mother-success-story“This is the book that has helped me every step of way in writing, marketing and publishing my first book. Any time I had a question – whether it was about working with my editor, agent, or publicist – I knew where I could find the answer.  My copy has been earmarked, bookmarked, highlighted, annotated and loved. Arielle and David are the best guides around if you are looking to get your book out in the world. And as a bookseller – I love putting The Essential Guide in the hands of writers and aspiring authors. I know that I’m giving them the best possible resource for understanding the ever-changing publishing landscape.”

Melissa Cistaro, Pieces of My Mother: A Memoir

Maggie Ellis Chotas and Betsy Polk

Maggie-Chotas-and-Betsy-Polk-Joseph-Success-StoryMaggie-Chotas-and-Betsy-Polk-Joseph-Power-Through-Partnership-How-Women-Lead-Better-Together-Success-Story“We can tell you exactly where we’d be without the Book Doctors’ The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published: Without an agent, without a publisher and without a book!  Of all the advice we received throughout this long and winding road toward publishing, Arielle Eckstut’s and David Henry Sterry’s  expert guidance, skilled coaching and practical wisdom were, without question, the most valuable. Ready to get that book of yours published? Step 1: Buy this very essential guide.”

Maggie Ellis Chotas and Betsy Polk, Power Through Partnership: How Women Lead Better Together

Eva Lesko Natiello

Eva Lesko Natiello-Success Storyeva-lesko-natiello-the-memory-box-success-story“Once I ratcheted up the nerve to self-publish my first novel, I realized there were two ways to do it: close my eyes, hold my breath and hit the publish button, or learn everything I needed to know to do it professionally and successfully. I opted for the latter, bought The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published, and read it from cover to cover. Then I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. As a result, my book hit #1 on Amazon’s commercial fiction list.”

Eva Lesko Natiello, The Memory Box


Jackson Michael

Jackson Michael-Success Storyjackson-michael-Game-Before-Money-success-story“You can’t get published if you don’t properly convey your ideas to agents and publishers. Before I read The Essential Guide To Getting Your Book Published my proposal basically read, ‘Dude, I’ve got this really cool football thing I’m doing.’ David and Arielle taught me how to communicate on a professional level.”

Jackson Michael, The Game before the Money: Voices of the Men Who Built the NFL



Nanette Fondas

nanette-fonda-success-storynanette-fondas-the-custom-fit-workplace-success-storyThe Essential Guide To Getting Your Book Published was help, mentor, tutor, and inspiration in writing The Custom-Fit Workplace.  The guidance writing a proposal, crafting a pitch, building a platform, and developing a promotion plan was, quite simply, indispensable.  Don’t write a book until you’ve read this one!”

Nanette Fondas, The Custom-Fit Workplace: Choose When, Where, and How to Work and Boost Your Bottom Line



Ayesha Mattu & Nura Maznavi

Ayesha Mattu and Nura Maznavi-Success Storyayesha-mattu-love-in-shallah-success-story“We had been working on our first project for several years, on our own, and struggling without any guidance. We were really discouraged by the entire process. Without The Essential Guide To Getting Your Book Published, we’d still be stuck in literary limbo. Now, with two books published, we’re working on our third!”

Ayesha Mattu & Nura Maznavi, Love, InshAllah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women and Salaam, Love: American Muslim Men on Love, Sex, & Intimacy


Lee Wilson

Lee Wilson-Success Storylee-wilson-rebel-on-pointe-success-story“This book led me to publication and beyond: I wrote my nonfiction proposal exactly as the authors suggested, and the first publisher who read it sent me a contract. This truly Essential Guide helped me navigate the terms of the contract, the launch, the publication, and book events from coast to coast. It is a treasure trove of ideas, a valuable reference, and a lot of fun to read.”

Lee Wilson, Rebel on Pointe: A Memoir of Ballet and Broadway



Deirdre Verne

Deirdre Verne-Success Storydeirdre-verne-drawing-conclusions-success-story“If you’ve spent years on your manuscript, you’d be foolish not to spend a weekend with this book. The fact-based, no-nonsense approach will help you focus your energy in the right places.”

Deirdre Verne, Drawing Conclusions, a Sketch in Crime mystery series




Heth Weinstein and Jed Weinstein

Heth Weinstein and Jed Weinstein-Success Storyheth-and-jed-buskers-success-story“WARNING: Reading this book may cause increased productivity, completed manuscripts and book deals! In The Essential Guide, Arielle and David share some of the most important insider information that will get you to the finish line quickly and efficiently without losing your own unique voice. We know because  this is just what happened to us with our first book. Also, drink a lot of bourbon!”

Heth Weinstein and Jed Weinstein, Buskers: The On-the-Streets, In-the-Trains, Off-the-Grid Memoir of Two New York City Street Musicians


Michael Gurley

Book Doctor Success Story-Michael Gurley“Publishing your novel can be a full time job, from crafting the best pitch, a synopsis, query letters, marketing strategies, and web sites.  Writing the book might be the easiest part. Having The Essential Guide To Getting Your Book Published is like having a job coach by your side whispering the right answers in your ear. It’s invaluable.”

—Michael Gurley, The Long Season


Debra Dockter

Book Doctor Success Story-Debra Dockterdebra-dockter-deadly-design-success-story“It’s not very often that a person can say that a book or its authors, changed their life, but I can definitely say that about Arielle and David. From forming the perfect pitch to figuring out the mysteries of marketing, for every writer, this book is Essential!”

Debra Dockter, Deadly Design




Adam Shaughnessy

Book Doctor Success Story-Adam-ShaughnessyAdam-Shaughnessy-The-Entirely-True-Story-of-the-Unbelievable-FIB“Writing is a solitary endeavor. Publishing isn’t. The whole publishing industry is big and complicated and intimidating, especially if you’re a new author. I would have given The Essential Guide To Getting Your Book Published my highest recommendation simply for being a comprehensive and accessible resource. It’s certainly that. But what I really appreciated about the book was that having it on my shelf made me feel like I had an ally as I left my private little writing room and walked my manuscript out into the wide world of publishing. That feeling comes largely from the personalities of its authors. Arielle and David are genuinely interested in helping writers and generous with their support and encouragement. Writers would be well-served to have them in their corner—and the best way to do that is to make sure they have The Essential Guide To Getting Your Book Published on their shelves.”

Adam Shaughnessy, The Entirely True Story of the Unbelievable FIB