Praise for our Workshops

Workshops by The Book Doctors“You were amazing; not just how you worked the crowd by getting them engaged with your animation and humor, but how you also used compassionate to give writers the confidence to come out of their comfort zones. And with your tactful constructive critcism, you demonstrated that feedback and encouragement do not have to be mutually exclusive. You were wonderful!”
-Pam Vaughan, NE-SCBWI

“How much fun is Pitchapalooza? Ask the 350+ people who braved a cold night to experience it in Kansas City. Even weeks later, we’re still getting thank yous and new customers from the event. Pitchapalooza is a great way to energize the writers in your market and get the public at large excited about books. It’s also streamlined the way we handle unsolicited inquiries about how to get a book published. We’ve made purchasing and reading The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published a requirement for all would-be writers.” – Geoffrey B. Jennings, Rainy Day Books, Inc. Kansas City, KS

“The Book Doctors gave an hour-long presentation at Smith College, drawing a standing-room-only crowd of students, faculty, staff and community members. Their talk offered a clear and thoughtful set of guidelines for stepping one’s toes into the waters of publishing—but they were so dynamic that everyone was rapt, and seemed to come away feeling energized. I highly recommend them.” – Jessica Bacal, Smith College


Workshops at Bookstores by The Book Doctors

“Thanks for the informative and lively seminar at Stanford. You really took us WAY down the learning curve. After I went home, I completely revised my book outline which will lead ultimately, I believe, to a successful pitch.” – Dr. Nanette Fondas

“I am still resonating from the experience.” – Larry Kirshbaum

“You two are incredible! I learned so much and just thought it was tremendous. Thank you again, so much, for extending this awesome event to our participants and including us in such a smart, beneficial, and fun project. You’re stars!” – Lindsey Grant, NaNoWriMo Program Director

“You guys know how to put on a SHOW but at the same time, provide invaluable advice, and I don’t just mean the cookie cutter advice one hears at every writers’ conference.” – Joelle Delbourgo, Literary Agent

“I really enjoyed Wednesday’s seminar with you and David. It was great to get two perspectives on the publishing process, and to be entertained as well.” – Jessica Hilberman, Sunset Magazine

“As an event coordinator, I not only appreciate the promotional blast Arielle and David give their events through tweets, facebook, and media coverage, but I also love the novelty of the Pitchapalooza concept. When I heard that the authors and a panel of local literary bigwigs would give advice—FREE!—to aspiring authors willing to pitch, I knew they would draw a crowd. After I heard first-hand their astute constructive criticism and heartfelt encouragement, I know they are making a difference in people’s lives. I bought two more copies of their book myself, I was so inspired by their presentation. The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published and its nationwide Pitchapalooza events are bringing dreams to fruition. By demystifying the publishing process, David and Arielle help great stories get told. As a bookseller, being a part of Pitchapalooza made me excited about the future of publishing. As a writer, Pitchapalooza helped me hone my pitch and write a query that got me an agent!” – Tegan Tigani, Event Coordinator at Queen Anne Books, Seattle

“I want to thank you and David so so very much for participating in the writers conference at the trade show. The two of you really MADE the conference, and I am so grateful to you.” – Lisa D. Knudsen, Executive Director, Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers Association

“I attended your PUTTING YOUR PASSION INTO PRINT workshop at Franklin and Marshall last year. Great event. Very helpful to would-be writers. I am a seasoned workshop attendee, and the program you and David conducted was really first rate.”–Gale Martin, Director of Marketing and Communications, Greater Reading Literary Festival